OUR story

Entrepreneur and founder Josh Ledford first had the idea to build a security company back in 2013, while working in healthcare technology in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Frustrated by the poor security protocols he saw throughout the industry, he realized the need for a technology company that could provide a full service security package, from assessment to planning, all the way to implementation and management. After a few more years spent gaining experience and perspective in multiple heavily regulated industries, he finally decided to focus on his true passion, cybersecurity. DOS (Development Operations Security) was born. Along the way, like-minded friends and colleagues have joined DOS, to make it the versatile entity that it is today. As the company has grown, we've remained based in Richmond, a city in the midst of a modern renaissance, recruiting only the best local talent. 


Our objective at DOS is to help people build better, more secure systems. We will help you to identify weak points in your security, educate you on better security practices, and then prioritize and implement new security protocols or new infrastructure, depending on your needs. We are a multi-faceted and flexible company, with our main goal being the advocacy of sound security practices, universally. Our founding tool is Amazon Web Services, in combination with the devops culture, which allows our clients to focus more attention on their own businesses, not spend valuable time and resources handling their infrastructures. Our mission is to manage and secure your systems, so you can get back to doing whatever you do best.