We are DOS (Development Operations Security), a technology consultancy specializing in DevOps and security needs. We have experience in several industries, including cybersecurity, fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, arts and entertainment, and the blogosphere, collaborating with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprise level corporations. We also have a thorough working knowledge of and experience with FINRA and SEC regulations and auditing, HIPAA security, and PCI compliance, among others. 



Everything we do at DOS is built on the foundation of prioritizing your security. We are so assured of our own cutting edge approach to security, that we utilize the same methods within our own systems. Not only does our in-house team go above and beyond the standards of OWASP Top Ten penetration testing, we also offer in-person, on-site assessments as well as resolution services to improve and defend your networks going forward.



Integrating development and operations teams is essential to creating a structured IT process and fostering uninterrupted progress. Using centralized software configuration, infrastructure automation, and continuous code deployment, the DevOps structure keeps processes organized, seamless, and on track. With various backgrounds, including executive and directive IT management, our team members are experienced in the implementation, oversight, and transition from traditional technology teams into successful DevOps shops.



As a certified AWS consulting partner, DOS strives to remain current in a constantly and quickly evolving field. For us, technology is a passion, not just a job, and as industry standards change, so do we. Today, technology has shifted away from physical data storage and into the cloud space. As a company, we specialize in cloud migrations and Amazon Web Services as a whole. Our associates are AWS certified architects, developers, and systems operations administrators, with several years of experience.